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Changes to the way Criminal Record Checks are Obtained and used
Frequently asked questions regarding Single Certificate Changes
Frequently asked questions regarding the Update Service
The process for an Online Status Check
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Frequently asked questions regarding the Update Service

Update Service

How does an individual register for the Update Service?

An individual can register for the Update Service via the link . The annual cost to subscribe to the Update Service is £13.00; payment for this service is made directly to DBS via their secure online payment portal.


Through e-Bulk how long does an individual have to join the Update Service once they receive their certificate?

If the individual chooses to register for the Update Service they must do so, within 14 days of the issue date on their DBS Certificate.


Can an individual add a certificate issued before the launch of the Update Service?

No, only certificates issued by the DBS after the 17 June 3013 can be used.


Do I need to see the actual DBS Certificate for Disclosure Services to carry out a Status check?

Yes, you will need to have seen the individual’s original DBS Certificate to ensure that it is of the right Workforce ie Adult Workforce, Child Workforce and correct level i.e. Enhanced that you need and are legally entitled to, for example, an Enhanced with an Adults’ Barred List check.


What do you need to do to carry out a Status check via your web account?

  • Check the DBS Certificate is the same workforce and level as you need
  • Check the employee/individual’s identity
  • Check the name on the DBS Certificate matches this identity
  • Get the individual’s consent to carry out a Status check
  • Take a note of the DBS Certificate reference number and the individual’s name and date of birth
  • Comply with the DBS Code of Practice which includes having a policy on the Recruitment of Ex-offenders and make this available to the individual. A sample policy on the Recruitment of Ex-offenders is available in your Library ‘Downloads’ section in your Disclosure Services web account or via the DBS website at



Can an individual stop the Employer carrying out a Status check on their DBS Certificate?

Yes, if the employee/individual leaves your organisation, moves to a position where there is no legal entitlement to the same DBS check, or the individual withdraws their consent, you must stop carrying out any further Status checks. If you continue to carry out Status checks on their certificate you would be breaking the law by accessing data you were not entitled to see.


What information will I see when I carry out a Status check through Disclosure Services web account?

You will see the following details:


  • The employee/individual’s name
  • The employee/individual’s date of birth and one of the following results:


  • This DBS Certificate did not reveal any information and remains current as no further information has been identified since its issue
  • This DBS Certificate remains current as no further information has been identified since its issue
  • This DBS Certificate is no longer current. Please apply for a new DBS check to get the most up-to-date information
  • The details entered do not match those held on our system. Please check and try again


Please refer to the ‘Status Check Process Flow’ document issued by Disclosure Services that gives details on interpreting the above status results.


What is likely to cause a change to someone's status, so their DBS Certificate is no longer current?

The status will change for all DBS certificates if:


  • any new convictions, cautions, reprimands or warnings are recorded; or
  • any amendment or change to a current conviction, caution, warning or reprimand


For Enhanced DBS Certificates:


  • any new, relevant police information is recorded


For Enhanced Certificates with a Barred List check(s):


  • if the individual becomes barred for that list(s) checked on the Enhanced Certificate


What should I do if an individual’s Status check reveals a change?

You should have a discussion with the individual about the reasons why there is a change. For safeguarding measures, Disclosure Services would recommend that a new DBS check is undertaken but any action you take before you find out the new information is a matter for your organisation.


Can I find out if the change is because the individual has been barred from working in Regulated Activity?

Yes, you only request this information if all of the following conditions apply:


  • The individual is subscribed to the Update Service; and
  • A Status check has indicated that the certificate is no longer up-to-date; and
  • The certificate included a check of a Barred List(s); and
  • The individual is employed in Regulated Activity covered by the Barred List(s) ; and
  • You have the individual’s consent


How do I apply to find out if the Status change is because the individual has been barred from working in Regulated Activity?

You will need to complete an online form and email this to the DBS. The form is available from; the DBS have advised they will respond to these enquiries within 5 working days.


Can Disclosure Services get a copy of the individual’s DBS Certificate?

Disclosure Services will be entitled to ask the DBS for a copy of the individual’s DBS Certificate for you if all of the following conditions apply:


  • The individual is subscribed to the Update Service; and
  • The employer has carried out a Status check which revealed a change to the DBS Certificate; and as a result
  • The individual has applied for a new DBS check as the result of a change to an existing DBS Certificate; and
  • The DBS issued the new DBS Certificate to the individual more than 28 days ago; and
  • The individual has not shown the employer their new DBS Certificate


NB, if the individual has disputed the new DBS Certificate the DBS will not consider issuing a copy to Disclosure Services until 28 days after the dispute is resolved. This is to give the individual time to show the Certificate to the Registered Body/Employer.


After I have completed a Status check via my Disclosure Services web account, will the DBS notify me if the information revealed on the DBS Certificate subsequently changes?

No, if you want to check if the DBS Certificate remains current you will have to carry out periodic Status checks with the individual’s consent.


Can I share the results of the Status check with anyone?

No, if you are carrying out Status checks you must comply with our Code of Practice which sets out when, and with whom, you can share the results with. For further details please contact Disclosure Services or visit


Are there any limitations to individuals registering with the Update Service?

The DBS have notified all Umbrella/Registered Bodies of the limitations that apply from 17 June 2013:


  • Applications submitted through e-Bulk can only join the Update Service when their application is completed and the individual receives their certificate.
  • Welsh-language paper applications can only join the Update Service when their application is completed and they receive their certificate
  • Any manual certificates issued by the DBS to an individual cannot be used.


Are Disclosure Services planning integration within e-Bulk for multiple status checking?

Yes, we are in the early development stage for this functionality through e-Bulk and it is something we feel is an important enhancement and one we want to launch quickly. More in-depth details will be sent about this shortly.



Legacy Applications (created on e-Bulk prior to 17 June 2013


Do we have to remove all applications that were completed on e-Bulk prior to the 17 June 2013?

No, but certain fields will be required to be completed prior to countersigning these applications:


  • If an applicant is Female and their ‘Title’ is stated as anything other than ‘Miss’ but no birth surname has been indicated in the web application, the applicant’s birth surname must be added into the application. If their surname has not changed you must repeat their surname.
  • Workforce Category field must be completed.
  • Position Applied For field must be completed.
  • The question, ‘Is the Applicant working from their personal home address?’ must be completed.


What happens if we attempt to countersign applications without the new fields being completed?

The DBS e-Bulk schema will flag any application that is attempted to be countersigned without all mandatory fields being completed in an application.


If a Web Application has been completed prior to the 17 June 2013, can the new fields be added prior to submission to the DBS?

Yes, it is a requirement to add the new mandatory fields to ensure the application is submitted to the DBS correctly.


What if an application has stated their language preference as Welsh?

The DBS have stipulated that if an applicant requires their certificate to be printed in Welsh they have to apply using the paper application route and their web based e-Bulk application will have be withdrawn. They can alternatively amend the language preference to English if they wish.

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